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Pharmaceutical Technology

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

This Biochemical-Pharmaceutical Technology Department (FBT) develops teaching, service and research activities in processes and pharmaceutical products development, including pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, food, diagnostic products and others, that can be obtained by chemical or biotechnological process. With this goal, the department invests in graduation and post-graduation education, in order to prepare its alumni to work in research and / or teaching, whether in the academic or industry area, providing products, processes developing and management aspects involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing formation. In the Department’s work the innovation aspects in pharmaceutical and food inputs are highlighted, or the obtaining processes of these products, which are often a result of the work’s development. These are presentations to the scientific community through publications in specialized magazines, as well as through presentations at national and international scientific meetings in the area. They can also be transferred to the productive section, when knowledge is generated as a result of cooperation with this section. Aligned with these goals, professors are encouraged to develop their research involving scientific initiation, masters, doctoral and postdoctoral alumni, aiming to continue teaching, scientific and technological improvement, as well as highly qualified personnel formation.

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