FCF / USP has always been concerned with training high-level professionals to meet the needs of the Brazilian pharmaceutical market. Thus, FCF constantly invests in renewing its academic curriculum to suit the advancement of science and technology.

The scientific investigations of the institution are developed by the professors and the students in areas pertinent to the pharmaceutical sciences, involving lines of basic and technological researches. Its research projects cover the areas of chemistry and biochemistry of food, nutrition, clinical and toxicological analysis, molecular modeling, synthesis of potentially active chemotherapeutic agents, extraction of active substances from Brazilian plants, new pharmaceutical forms and quality control of medicines, cosmetics and food.

In the late 1980s, the vast majority of USP Units set up their Research Commissions, which, in a very positive way, boosted research activities in the Units themselves and, consequently, in the University. Since then, the mission of the FCF / USP Research Commission has been to foster and strengthen scientific and technological research within the areas of Pharmacy Expertise: Food and Experimental Nutrition, Clinical and Toxicological Analysis, Pharmacy and Biochemical-Pharmaceutical Technology.e-mail