Department of Pharmaceutical Technology


Graduate Program

 General information

The Graduate Program in Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Technology of FCF/USP offers Masters and PhD courses, all strictu sensu degree. In more than 40 years of tradition, our program belongs to a select group of Graduate Programs evaluated by Brazilian Federal Agency for Graduate Education (CAPES) with score 6.0, which ranks it among the top ten in the Pharmacy area of Brazil. Besides our excellent quality at national level, our Graduate Program stands out as an exponent in the Pharmacy field in terms of internationalization, since it currently has 5 double degree programs (PhD) with European (Italy, Denmark, Portugal and Spain) and Latin American (Chile) Universities. The proposal of our program is to form and develop highly qualified human resources capable of generating new centers of scientific and technological development in the Pharmaceutical area. In this perspective, the Program intends to fulfill to the shortage of human resources in the country and contribute to the national development of the important areas of Fermentation Technology, Chemical-Pharmaceutical Technology and Food Technology. Therefore, the research projects in the Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Technology area are related to the development and optimization of technological processes in laboratory, semi-pilot and/or pilot scale.