The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at USP (FCF) has four Graduate Programs, 
which offer Master’s of Sciences (MSc) and Philosophical Doctor (PhD) courses: 

Graduate Program in Pharmacy - Physiopathology and Toxicology

Graduate Program in Drugs and Medicines

Graduate Program in Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Technology

Graduate Program in Food Science

Within the context of the Graduate Programs at FCF, frontier research is developed in the broad field
of Pharmaceutical Sciences. They provide an international environment that includes the possibility of
taking part in double-degree programs with universities of Latin America, North America and Europe.
All the Graduate Programs at FCF-USP are accredited by the Coordination for the Improvement of
Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), the Brazilian Federal Agency for support and evaluation
of Graduate Education.                                                                                                                                    CLICK HERE TO CHECK THE PUBLIC DEFENSES