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Important Information on the Supervised Teaching Practice:

Students approved to participate as volunteers or receiving a fellowship must confirm participation at the Office of Graduate Education. The frequency control form must be delivered at the end of each month at the same Office. 

Any fact that might result in interruption, suspension or cancelation of the student's graduate Course, as well as any changes in the information originally provided in the registration form (such as change of advisor and/or undergraduate subject) must be immediately reported (in paper form) to the PAE Committee.

At the end of the Supervised Teaching Practice Program the student has to present the Final Report Form, describing how the project was developed, the difficulties during the program and suggestions for improvement. 

The PAE supervisor must also present a final Evaluation Form describing the activities developed by the student as a teaching assistant (we strongly recommend the supervisors to follow the initial Plan of Activities when filling the Evaluation Form). 


The PAE certificate must be generated by the student through the Janus System.

After login, click in PAE - Registration ("Inscrição") - Select the year ("ano") and semester ("semestre") - generate certificate ("gerar certificado")

Students that do not present the Final Report and the Evaluation Form will not receive a certificate and will have to return the fellowship stipend, if applicable.


Call for PAE registrations - 2º sem. 2021

Last update 06/05/2021 às 8h50