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General Information

What is PAE: 

The Program of Pedagogical Improvement (PAE), regulated by the Portaria GR 3588, de 10/05/2005, is intended for graduate students regulary registered at the Graduate Courses of the University of São Paulo and aims at improving the teaching practice. It involves two steps, namely Pedagogical Preparation and Supervised Teaching Practice.

Pedagogical Preparation: Students must attend a graduate subject in Teaching Skills. Information on the subjects accepted by the Graduate Committee at FCF are available at the Office of Graduate Education.

 Supervised Teaching Practice: Students participate as teaching assistants of undergraduate courses correlated to their research field. At the end, a certificate is provided and a speciffic number of credits can be attributed to the activity, depending on the Normative Resolutions of each Graduate Program. 


Students receiving CAPES-DS fellowship must atted the PAE: MSc. students - only the Pedagogical Preparation; PhD. students - both the Pedagogical Preparation and Supervised Teaching Practice. For all other students, the Program is optional.


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