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Diploma Recognition (National Validity)

National Recognition of PhD. or MSc. Diplomas expedited by foreign institutions must be presented to the  Secretaria Geral da USP, in agreement with the General Regulation of Graduate Education at USP.


Office of Diploma Recognition 

Rua da Reitoria, 374 - térreo - Cidade Universitária - São Paulo - SP

CEP: 05508-220


Front Office Hours: Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 15:00h


Apostille (Hague Convention) translations:

According to the CNJ Resolution No. 228 of June 22nd of 2016, legal documents from countries signatories of the Hague Convention will be accepted in national territory in substitution to the consular legislation.

Directory of Registry Offices eligible for Hague Convention endorsement (Apostille) of doccuments to be used abroad.

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