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General Instructions For Thesis/Dissertation Deposit

Guide for Thesis/Dissertation deposit 

Thesis/Dissertation general template

Thesis/Dissertation deposit form

Declaration of similarity analysis - Please use the Turnitin service. 

Instruction to prepare the Index Card 

Thesis/Dissertation simplified version requisition form


After Defense:

Thesis/Dissertation corrected version form

Template for the thesis/dissertation corrected version

Attention: Students must present the corrected version of the Thesis/Dissertation within 30 days of the defense.  All changes made are of the sudent's and advisor's responsability. Changes in the title are not allowed for the corrected version.

If the corrected version is not presented within the deadline, the original version will be forwarded to the Library and considered as the official doccument. 


Important Resolutions on Thesis/Dissertation Deposit and Defense

Resolution/CoPGr/6018/2011 - Thesis/Dissertation correction after defense

Rectification of Resolution 6018/2011

Circ. CoPGr nº 08/17, de 09/02/2017 - Thesis/Dissertation defense by video conference

Resolution CoPGr nº 7569, de 03/10/2018 - Thesis/Dissertations kept in closed collection at the University Library

Resolution CoPGr nº 7570, de 03/10/2018 -  Thesis/Dissertation closed defense section

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