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President: Prof. Dr. Maurício Yonamine
Vice-President: Prof. Dr. Thomas Prates Ong

Graduate Program in Food Science
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Thomas Prates Ong
Vice-Coordinator: Prof. Dr. João Paulo Fabi

Graduate Program in Pharmacy – Physiopathology and Toxicology
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Sandra Helena Poliselli Farsky
Vice-Coordinator: Prof. Dr. 

Graduate Program in Drugs and Medicines
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. André Rolim Baby
Vice-Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Roberto Parise Filho

Graduate Program in  Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Technology
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Carlota Oliveira Rangel Yagui
Vice-Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Marco Antônio Stephano

Student representation
Flaviana da Silva Chaves (Titular)
Emília Maria França Lima (Suplente)

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