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Silvia Maria Franciscato Cozzolino

Basic Profile
Titular Professor, MS-6, exclusively dedicated to research and education (RDIDP).
Experience in Nutrition, with emphasis in Micronutrients, more specifically with zinc and selenium and their interaction with other nutrients in disease situations. Develops research involving Minerals and Nutrigenomics.

Academic background
- Bachelor degree in Nutrition from FSP/USP (1969)
– Master degree in Food Sciences from FCF/USP (1976)
- Doctor degree in Food Sciences from FCF/USP (1982)
- Post-doc from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine – England (1991)
- Post-doc from the Institute of Food Research – United Kingdom (1999)

Main research lines
Minerals Bioavailability in Diets: Aims to determine what proportion a nutrient is used by the body. The work is well versed on the Zn, Se and Ca, although other elements may be included. It has also sought to work with humans, using latest techniques with stable isotopes. Evaluation of nutritional Status of Population Groups in Regard to Minerals: it is intended to study Zn and Se. The proposed groups are those considered most at risk, those being, children, adolescents, pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly. The relation between disease and nutritional status of the population in regards to minerals: Verifies the nutritional status changes with relation to the minerals of individuals with chronic diseases, having the goal of minimizing the factors that may contribute to the worsening of the disease. Some examples are minerals vs. CRF (chronic renal failure), CVD (cardiovascular disease), Diabetes mellitus and Obesity.

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