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Maria Inés Genovese Rodriguez

Basic Profile
Doctor Professor, MS-3, exclusively dedicated to research and education RDIDP).
Experience in Food Sciences, conducting research on the following themes: bioactive food compounds, native fruits, functional foods, phenolic compounds, flavonoids, elagitanines, proanthocianidynes, isoflavones from soy, biological activities, bioavailability, relationship between diet and health.

Academic background
- Bachelor in Pharmacy-biochemistry from FCF/USP (1987)
- Master degree in Food Sciences from FCF/USP (1991)
- Doctor degree in Food Sciences from FCF/USP (1995)
- Post-doc from the University of São Pauo (1997)

Main research lines
Study of poliphenolic compounds in biological activities which benefit human health, found in foods consumed in Brazil, with emphasis on fruits native from the Atlantic Jungle, the Outbacks and the Amazon Rainforest; identification, quantification and determination of the chemical strucutre, the bioavailability and the biological activities related to diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and cancer; effect of those compounds on the microbiota; influence of industrial and domestic processing and environmental/genetic conditions; functional food development; enhancement of the protective potential of these compounds on diet.

+ 55 11 3091-1525
+ 55 11 3091-3712

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