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João Roberto Oliveira do Nascimento

Basic Profile
Associate Professor, MS-5, exclusively dedicated to research and education (RDIDP).
Develops researches aimed at the understading of molecular bases of vegetable-derived foods, employing biochemical and molecular techniques. His main research interests are: immunomodulating potential in proteins and polysaccharides in foods; bioactive peptids of food origin; food proteins with biotechnological potential.

Academic background
- Bachelor degree in Pharmacy-biochemistry from FCF/USP
- Doctor degree in Food Sciences from FCF/USP
- Post-doc from USP (1998)
- Post-doc from the Plant Research International– Holland (2007)

Main research lines
- Integrated approach for understanding the molecular bases of the quality of vegetable-derived products and obtaining functional ingredientes
- Immunomodulating potential in proteins and polysaccharides present in foods
- Bioactive peptids from food sources.

+ 55 11 3091-1482
+ 55 11 3091-3007

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