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Christian Hoffmann

Basic Profile
Doctor Professor, MS-3, exclusively dedicated to research and education (RDIDP).
Researches mainly the following themes: intestinal microbioma, phylogeny and molecular ecology, large-scale sequencing and metagenomic studies.

Academic background
- Bachelor in Biological Sciences from Goiás Federal University – UFGO (1998).
- Master degree in Biology from Temple University –United States (2003).
- Doctor Degree in Biological Sciences from UFGO (2013).

Main research lines
Study of the human microbioma, specially the intestinal microbioma, and its relationship with diet and the imune system.
Usage of large-scale sequencing techniques (NGS) and also biocomputing to approach the theme in an interdisciplinar way.
Usage of phylogeny, molecular ecology on microorganisms, biochemistry and molecular biology on microorganisms, environmental biochemistry and human physiology knowledge to answer current topics Specific research topics include the variation of the human microbioma in diverse populations, the effects microbioma has on human health, and how to make use of this relationship to promote human health.
One of the ongoing study models use unavailable carbohydrates to try to reveal how diet elements modulate the intestinal microbiology, directly or energy sources, and through their influence on the immune system.

+ 55 11 3091-2191
+ 55 11 3091-3646

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