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Beatriz Rosana Cordenunsi

Basic Profile
Titular Professor, MS-6, exclusively dedicated to research and education (RDIDP).
Researches the chemistry of food ripening, sweetening, texture, and volatile compounds which compose the aroma, with emphasis on revealing the structure of biopolymers which compose the cell wall and the changes they suffer during fruit ripening. Studies metabolytes and proteins diversely expressed during fruit ripening, submitting them to different production and packaging models.

Academic Background
- Graduated in Chemistry from Maringa State University – UEM (1976).
- Master degree in Food Sciences from Londrina State University – UEL (1983).
- Doctor degree in Food Sciences from FCF/USP (1989).

Main Research Lines
Composition of carbohydrates in foods.
Biochemistry of fruits post-reaping.
Determination of polysaccharide structure in vegetable-derived foods.

+ 55 11 3091-2351
+ 55 11 3091-3007


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