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Neuza Mariko Aymoto Hassimotto

Basic Profile
Doctor Professor, MS-3, exclusively dedicated to research and education (RDIDP).
Conducts research related to the area of Food Sciences, with emphasis on Food Bioactive Compounds, specially phenolic compounds, on the following themes: structural identification, bioavailability and metabolism implications using the metabolomic appraoach, in human and animal models.

Academic background
- Bachelor in Pharmacy from Londrina State University – UEL (1994)
- Master degree in Food Sciences from UEL (1994)
- Doctor degree in Food Science from FCF/USP (2005)
- Post-doc from USP (2009)
- Post-doc from USP (2011)

Main research lines
Besides their nutritional function, foods are a sources of bioactive compounds that act on the promotion and maintenance of health. However, it remains unclear what is the real potential of these compounds when ingested during a normal diet. Thus, our studies are focused on the identification of these compounds, especially the class of flavonoids, and major food sources, including fruits and vegetables. Moreover, considering that a compound, in order to exert its biological function, needs to be bioavailable, we use animal and human models to evaluate the bioavailability of these compounds and metabolomic changes. Still, we seek to understand some of the biological mechanisms responsible for this health promotion, including the antiinflammatory activity and antioxidant capacity, mainly in animal models and in vitro assays.

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