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Inar Alves de Castro

Basic Profile
Associate Professor, MS-5, exclusively dedicated to education and research (RDIDP).
Experience in Food Science and Technology, with emphasis on Food Chemistry and Biochemistry, researching mainly the following themes: application of statistic techniques on the modeling of lipidic oxidation on foods; study of bioactive compounds with antioxidant action for usage in foods or dietetic supplementation; development of functional foods for reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Academic background
- Bachelor degree in Agronomy from ESALQ/USP (1984)
- Master degree in Food Sciences from Londrina State University – UEL (1992)
- Doctor degree in Applied Human Nutrition from FCF/USP (1999)

Main research lines
Functional foods applied to cardiovascular protection: development of foods with contain greasy acids; assessment of these compounds oxidation stability during food processing and storage; assessment of the effects of the consumption of functional foods which contain greasy acids in biomarkers associated to aterosclerosis, in animals and humans (clinical study); assessment of red wine's functionality related to cardiovascular protection. For more information, check

+ 55 11 3091-1481
+ 55 11 3091-3652

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