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Eduardo Purgatto

Basic Profile
Doctor Professor, MS-3, exclusively dedicated to research and education (RDIDP).
Experience on the Food Technology and Science area, with emphasis on post-reaping physiology, conducting research mainly on the following themes: fruit ripening, carbohydrate metabolism, aromas, hormonal regulation (ethylene, auxines, abscysic acid and metil-jasmonate), and control of the genic expression on fruits.

Academic background
- Doctor in Food Sciences by FCF/USP (2001).
- Post-doc from USP (2002).
- Post-doc from the École Nationale Superieure Agronomique de Toulouse – France (2010).

Main research lines
Conducts research on the area of Food Technology and Science, with emphasis on post-reaping physiology, on the following themes: hormonal regulation of fruit ripening, carbohydrate metabolism, synthesis of volatile compounds which compose aroma in fruits. Studies the diverse effects provoked by vegetable hormones in ripening processes, using different biochemistry, chemistry and molecular biology techniques.
These studies aim to obtain a general view of hormonal regulation on fruit ripening, wishing to comprehend the molecular mechanisms active during this phase of vegetable development and to provide information which can subside technological applications for enhancing the quality and conservation of fruits after reaping.

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