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Thomas Prates Ong

Basic Profile
Doctor Professor, MS-3, exclusively dedicated to research and education (RDIDP).
Researches the impact of the gene-nutrient interaction regarding health, with particular interest on the influence of paternal nutrition, during critical periods of the baby's development (pregnancy and lactation) with regard to the offspring's health in adult life.

Academic background
- Bachelor in Pharmacy-biochemistry from FCF/USP (1999)
- Doctor degree in Food Sciences from FCF/USP (2004)
- Post-doc from USP (2006)
- Post-doc from the University of Cambridge – England (2015)

Main research lines
Nutrition is one of the major environmental factors that influence the functioning of the genome. Nutrients and bioactive food compounds modulate gene expression by rather complex and dynamic mechanisms. The Nutrigenomics emerged in the post-human genome and is considered a key area for nutrition. Its main objective is to evaluate the interaction of nutrients and bioactive food compounds with the genome. In our research line in nutrigenomics and Programming, we have been investigating how far maternal and paternal nutrition can influence the health of the offspring in terms of metabolic disorders and breast cancer risk. More specifically, we have focused our interest on the impact of nutrient-epigenome interactions in early life.

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