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Fernando Salvador Moreno

Basic Profile
Titular Professor – MS-6, exclusively dedicated to education and research (RDIDP).
Experience on Nutrition, with emphasis on Diet, Nutrition and Cancer, conducting research mainly on the following themes: cancer, hepatocarcinogenesis, chemoprevention with bioactive compounds in foods (CBAs), mainly isoprenoids. In order to assess eventual chemopreventive CBAs activities, computer-generated image analysis techniques, as well as molecular biology techniques, are used.

Academic background
- Bachelor degree in Medicine from FMRP/USP (1976)
- Doctor degree in medicine from Universitat Düsseldorf - Germany (1980)
- Post-doc from USP (1986)
- Post-doc from University of Toronto – Canadá (1989 and 1993)

Main research lines
Development of researches in the areas of chemoprevention of cancer, that is, assessment of bioactive compounds present on foods to revert or suppress the multiple stages of carcinogenesis. From the studied compounds, betaionone, a cyclic isoprenoid present on grapes, and tributirine, a derivate from butirate, product from food fiber fermentation, are highlighted.
The studies of chemoprevention are conducted in hepatocarcinogenesis models whuch can simulate the production of pre-neoplasic lesions with or without steatosis background, in a similar way as obseved on human beings. The main projects developed are: a) Chemopreventive Potential of Structured Lipids Obtained by Interesterification of Tributirine with Linseed Oil in Experimental Hepatocarcinogenesis; b) Chemopreventive effect of betaionone in the hepatocarcinogenesis associated to the development of non-alcoholic steato-hepatitis.g.

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