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Research Projects

Food analysis and composition data systematization
Food compounds (macro and micronutrient and bioactive compounds) analysis; analytical methodology development; data systematization for food composition databases development.
Researchers: Prof. Ligia Muradian

Chemical and Biological risk analysis and management in foods
Identification and risk estimation of chemicals and biological agents in foods and associated control measures.
Researchers: Prof. Bernadette FrancoProf. Flavio Finardi and Mariza Landgraf

Post-harvest biochemistry and molecular biology
Analysis of biochemical and molecular processes in vegetable foodstuffs and their impact on nutritional value and organoleptic features.
Researchers: Prof. Beatriz Lysenko, Prof. Eduardo Purgatto, Prof. Flavio Finardi, Prof. Franco Lajolo, Prof. João Paulo Fabi, Prof. João Roberto Nascimento and Prof. Neuza Hassimotto

Bioactive Food Compounds: prospection, characterization, function and application
Analysis of bioactive compounds in foodstuffs and their biological activity and function for food development.
Researchers: Prof. Beatriz Lysenko, Prof. Franco Lajolo, Prof. Inar Castro, Prof. João Roberto Nascimento, Prof. Jorge Mancini, Prof. Ligia Muradian, Prof. Maria Inés Genovese, and Prof. Neuza Hassimotto

Nutrigenomics applied to food bioactive compounds analysis
Investigation of gene-nutrient interaction on gene expression and impact on non-communicable chronic diseases.
Researchers: Prof. Célia Colli, Prof. Fernando Moreno, Prof. Thomas Ong and Prof. Silvia Cozzolino

Diet, Nutrition and Non-communicable chronic diseases.
Investigation of nutrients and food bioactive compounds on risk for non-communicable chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes and atherosclerosis.
Researchers: Prof. Célia Colli, Prof. Fernando Moreno, Prof. Franco Lajolo, Prof. Inar Castro, Prof. Jorge Mancini, Prof. Julio Tirapegui, Prof. Maria Inés Genovese and Prof. Silvia Cozzolino

Dietary supplementation and food fortification
Investigation of nutrient supplementation in the diet for special population groups or in animal models.
Researchers: Prof. Célia Colli and Prof. Julio Tirapegui

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