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Graduate Studies

The “Department of Food and Experimental Nutrition (FBA)” provides a multitude of study options in ​​Food Science and Experimental Nutrition areas. Our students have the opportunity to follow several courses focused on the physical, chemical, biochemical and microbiological aspects of food and nutritional quality. The USP Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is one of the few faculties of pharmacy in Brazil that offers its students the opportunity of also working on "Food and Experimental Nutrition".

The scientific approaches offered by our Department include food chemistry, physics and biology, followed by more specific subjects such as the control of reactions during food processing and storage, development of new products, quality control and official methods of analysis. The students receive enough training to understand the main changes that can occur in processed or natural foods during their shelf-life, finding alternatives in the food process that can help to preserve important nutritional properties.

The program offers to the pharmaceutical-biochemical professionals the competence to work in the food or ingredients industries, in public agencies and in the research institutes. These professionals are able to meet the current demands of the market and also tackle new challenges, such as the development of functional foods, omic sciences and microbiology frontiers.

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