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Pharmacy (Clinical Chemistry)

The graduate program in Clinical Chemistry located at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of São Paulo, aims to train students in cutting edge science and technology, as well as stimulate collaborative interdisciplinary basic and applied research within areas of human health and biological science. While much of the research centers around science and technology, the program is also enriched by the presence of faculty and students from variety of disciplinary backgrounds, including pharmaceutical science, biological science, and medicine. With a culture of collaboration, this has allowed the department to develop highly specialized areas of research with concentrations in i) physiopathological bases of diseases; ii) technology development for diagnosis; and iii) epidemiological and diagnostic markers. We also strongly encourage inter-agency collaborations with academic, private, or government entities both domestically and internationally, strengthening our global recognition. Our program has been active for the past 40 years and was evaluated as “a Program of Excellence” by Capes, receiving the highest grade (7) for the last two triennial periods (2010 and 2013). Furthermore, the program has played a pivotal role in employment market insertion, including pharmaceutical industries and academia, for those that graduated with Master and PhD degrees.

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