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Drugs and Medicines

The Drugs and Medicines Post-Graduation Program of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of São Paulo (FCF-USP) was established in 1978 and it was accredited in 01.01.85 by the Federal Council of Education, initially at master (M.Sc.) level. The doctoral (Ph.D.) course was designed in 1986 and it began its accomplishments in 1987. The program is divided into two areas of focus: Production and Control of Pharmaceuticals which covers the development and biopharmaceutical evaluation of Medicines and Cosmetics; and Pharmaceutical Inputs which comprehends studies about the obtainment of active principles of natural or synthetic origin with potential biological activity. From 1985 to 2015, 553 postgraduates have graduated from PPGFM. From this total, 201 hold the title of Doctor; and 352, the title of Master. The Drugs and Medicines Post-Graduation Program aims to develop highly qualified human beings to practice academic activities which encompass teaching careers, research and professional activities in the area of Medicines and Cosmetics.

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