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Our history

The activities of the Graduate Program in Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Technology at Masters Level were authorized by the Graduate Board of the Teaching, Research and Extension of Services to USP Community in 1973. In July 1989, the Graduate Council of USP authorized the PhD course, which was recommended by CAPES in December 1999.  Since 2013, our Program has been evaluated by CAPES with score 6, being included in the Academic Excellence Program of CAPES (PROEX). Currently, we have 5 double degree programs (PhD) with 4 European Universities (Universitá degli Studi di Genova, UNIGE, Italy: since 2008; University of Minho – Portugal: since 2014; Faculty of Food Science, University of Copenhagen – Denmark: since 2015) and 1 Latin American University (Universidad de La Frontera, Chile: since 2013). This reflects the excellence recognized by Education Institutions from different parts of world since equivalent diplomas are issued by the University of São Paulo and the participating International Institution.  In our oldest agreement with UNIGE, 10 students have already been qualified. In total, more than 200 Masters and 100 PhD students were formed. The Program has already qualified 26 foreign students from different parts of the world, reinforcing its international character.

Besides the double degree programs, we also have collaborations with other national and international institutions such as Universitá di L'Aquila (Italy); Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of California (U.S.A.); Scottish Agricultural College (Scotland), University of Guelph (Canada); University Paul Sabatier and Institut National Agronomique (France); Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal). A PhD double degree agreement with King's College of London (21st in the world ranking of universities and 4th in the field of Pharmacy and Pharmacology - QS World University) is in progress.


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