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Toxicology and Analytical Toxicology

The Toxicology and Analytical Toxicology program within the University of São Paulo prepares students to investigate and understand the effects of toxic agents on human health as well as analytical methods for its monitoring. Areas of particular strength in our program include experimental, social, pharmaceutical, environmental, occupational, food and chemical toxicology. The program offers MSc and PhD degree in Toxicology.

The professores and researchers investigate a broad scope of the field and integrate tools and methods of biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, immunology, analytical chemistry among others. Our PhD program was the first in Brazil to offer Masters and PhD degrees and has contributed to graduate professionals in Toxicology.

Apart from the professionals involved in academia, the program enables students to find careers in a range of private and public positions, which include state and federal health and environmental regulatory agencies, chemical, cosmetical and pharmaceutical industries and universities.

The program is supported by fellowships from the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) and grants from other national science foundations (CNPq, FAPESP, FINEP).

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