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Palestra Elizabeht Grice, University of Pennsylvania (EUA) - 04/05, 12h

Por Helder Takashi Imoto Nakaya - Cooperação Internacional

Última atualização em 31/03/2016

Data: 04/05, 12h

Local: Anfiteatro Vermelho do bloco 13A (FCF-USP)

Title: "The skin microbiome and interactions with the host in health and disease"

The skin is our interface to the outside world and continuously encounters assault by foreign and potentially pathogenic microorganisms. The skin also harbors populations of non-pathogenic, commensal microorganisms, which have important functions in skin health and disease. Culture-independent analysis, using genomic and metagenomic approaches, has revealed the great complexity of bacterial, fungal, and viral communities at this barrier surface. This lecture will discuss factors that shape and maintain the commensal skin microbiota, including host factors, environmental factors, and topical products. Additionally, the skin microbiota influences the cutaneous host response. Elucidating these relationships will provide a foundation for targeting the host-microbe equilibrium in order to restore homeostasis and strengthen and enhance the skin barrier in health and disease.


Assistant Professor, Dept. of Dermatology
University of Pennsylvania
Perelman School of Medicine